On June 4, LPPFusion Director of Communications Ivy Karamitsos officially renamed our device “Focus Fusion 2B” or “FF-2B” for short. It is “2B” for its beryllium electrodes and boron fuel (to be used later this year) but also because it is “focus fusion to be”. Traditional renaming of people, such as knighting, used ancestral obsolete weapons (King Arthur’s sword for example). So our peaceful scientific ceremony used an ancestral obsolete scientific calculator—a slide rule!

This slide rule belonged to Melvin Lerner, the father of LPPFusion Chief Scientist Eric Lerner. Melvin Lerner was a leading analytical chemist and scientific administrator, for over 20 years Director of Technical Services for the US Customs Bureau. He was a pioneer in the chemical analysis of marijuana and developed new techniques in statistical analysis and sampling.

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