Song Contest Vote - You Pick the Winner!

We have six entries for our fusion song parody contest and it’s up to you to vote the winner! We have made the entries anonymous for now for fairness, but will let everyone know who wrote them after the vote. Each entry is accompanied by a video to a performance of the song they are parodying. (In this case parody means copying, not making fun of!) Please vote for your favorite by Dec. 15.

The votes, all 63 of them, are in and we have our winners. First Prize, with 24 votes to “Fusion for Everyone” written by 2-time contest winner and still champion, Gregory N. Ranky! Second Prize, with 16 votes, to “Age of Beryllium” written by Chief Scientist Eric Lerner. Third Prize, with 9 votes, to “Come with US” by Matei Victor. Rest of the votes, 14 total, to the other contestants: “Plasmoid Song” and “Focus Fusion Anthem” by Lerner and “FoFu, FoFu” by Mike Muller. Congratulations to all!


Next step: Can anyone who sings well and someone who plays an instrument get together and record one of the winners in a video? Might be fun and get us a bit of notice!

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