LPPFusion is a company researching the viability of a fusion reaction generator called the dense plasma focus. We've published world record results in leading journals, have collaboration agreements with universities (including UCSD) and in terms of money spent compared to results achieved are the world's best.

We're on Mastodon because our sysadmin, @escapist, is a fan of Free Software.

Let's work towards a decentralized grid for a federated web!

@LPPFusion @escapist 👍 and welcome!

It's great to see a dedicated instance for a company.

@kemonine @escapist

We've been running this instance for the last 8 months. We just thought that since there's an influx of new users we should introduce ourselves. 😀

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This is the private Mastodon instance for LPPFusion. Visit our website to find out more information about the company.