Benefits of Focus Fusion

-Cheap, Hydrogen-Boron (pB11) fuel
-pB11- the highest energy density fuel
-Safe, clean
-Direct conversion to electricity
-Small size - fits in a garage
-Decentralized, independent generators

@LPPFusion @escapist I guess you are also missing a bullet point with:

* no working device producing more energy than it consumes

@pony @escapist

While it is true that there is no such device at present, we have patents that explain our approach as well as papers in major journals. There's been ample opportunity for someone to provide a reason why our approach can't work. We're still waiting.

@LPPFusion @escapist So what. I'm just telling you that if you want to spread your claims here, you better should add a very visible disclaimer that all you really have is a research paper. Thanks.

@pony @escapist

Patents are not granted for research papers. Data gathered from our experimental device shows that we've achieved the highest confined mean energy of any fusion experiment in the world (200 times hotter than the center of the sun). It is more than hot enough for pB11. We have the confinement time as well. The last component of the Lawson Criterion, the proper density, is what we don't have, but we have a solution for it (Be electrodes).

@escapist @pony

To carry out an equity crowdfunding campaign in the U.S. the SEC must approve our materials.

So no, we won't be diluting our work with disclaimers.

To claim that "all you really have is a research paper" is disingenuous.

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