We have the sad duty to report that our friend, colleague and team member Fred Van Roessel has died. He suffered a fatal stroke on Tuesday, November 26 and died without regaining consciousness on November 28. Fred was LPPFusion’s Electrical Engineer.


Song Contest Vote - You Pick the Winner!

We have six entries for our fusion song parody contest and it’s up to you to vote the winner! We have made the entries anonymous for now for fairness, but will let everyone know who wrote them after the vote. Each entry is accompanied by a video to a performance of the song they are parodying. (In this case parody means copying, not making fun of!) Please vote for your favorite by Dec. 15.


Back in the summer of 2017 Eric Lerner, CEO and Chief Scientist of LPPFusion, discussed the development of quantum mechanics with Justin Cohen, LPPFusion's summer intern in 2017 and Jose Varela our systems administrator.


We need you to support a bill pending in Congress that will set up a public-private partnership fund to help finance private fusion companies in the US.


We at LPPF Fusion believe that the introduction of these bills into the NJ Senate is a great step forward. We hope that the Legislature and Governor Murphy will rapidly enact this legislation, which can serve as a model for fusion development in other states.


A second bill would make fusion energy companies eligible for any state renewable energy or emerging technologies economic incentive programs. The third bill would establish the NJ Fusion Technology Industry Commission which would oversee the fusion energy program for the state of NJ.

GO NJ! Three bills to promote research were introduced on Aug. 26 into the NJ State Senate by Sen. Joe Pennachio (R-26). The first bill, the Fusion Technology Industry Promotion Act, would mandate the NJ Economic Development Authority to invest in fusion technology development companies in NJ, matching dollar for dollar private investments in the companies. This idea was raised by LPPFusion’s President Eric J. Lerner at the Fusion Symposium organized by Sen. Pennacchio’s office.


Congrats to Mr. Yang for including fusion energy into his . Fossil fuels are killing us, and renewables can not replace fossil fuels. Fusion will.


Wind farm and fossil fuel plant simultaneous failures created a massive power blackout. This is why we need a decentralized fusion energy network.



We're the leading private fusion energy effort. ⚡

We like decentralization too so we run our own instance. 🌐

While large investments are absolutely essential, their timing is unpredictable. The Wright Brothers had their bicycle shop. Right now, we need YOU to be our bicycle shop. We want LPPFusion fans to subscribe at $10 a month or more.

Every subscriber will be able to participate in a quarterly phone conversation with LPPFusion officers Eric Lerner and Ivy Karamitsos about everything from our lab results to the future fusion society.

Full Report: lppfusion.com/lppfusion-launch

Write to Senator Joe Pinnacchio to say you support his fusion energy research funding legislation proposals.

Full Report: lppfusion.com/nj-legislature-t

Science is a collective effort and at this conference, as others, LPPFusion received valuable information from our colleagues. While many devices are used in fusion energy research, the plasma is the same everywhere, so results with one device can be used in experiments with others. In particular Lerner got vital clues to the next steps in optimizing FF-2B function and curing its early “teething” problems.

Full report: lppfusion.com/annual-fusion-co

At the PLASMA 2019 conference in Opole, Poland July 15-19, LPPFusion Chief Scientist Eric Lerner presented experimental evidence that our fusion device, FF-2B, has met our initial goal of achieving low-impurity plasma. In other presentations at the conference, and in discussions, it emerged that the purity level achieved by FF-2B is well beyond that reached by the large tokamak experiment JET, which like the LPPFusion device, uses beryllium in its structure.

Full report: lppfusion.com/lppfusion-report

Remember the Fusion Symposium this May where Lerner presented our fusion research efforts? The link to the professional video recording was published on Thursday night.


Eric is back from the Plasma 2019 conference, Opole Glowne, Poland. He lost 3 lbs. there, in one week. He was still jet lagged at the time of filming but here is the first report!

Great article on fusion by NJTV with LPPFusion included along General Fusion, ITER and Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.


Our interview will be airing tonight at 5:30 PM on PBS and 6:00 PM on NJTV!

The piece will also be available online later tonight.

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