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The numbers on each frame show the time elapsed since the start of the pulse. The region shown of the anode, close to the end of the insulator is a cm wide. The filaments (bright stripes) first form and become more distinct, then at the end begin to merge together, becoming destroyed. The bright regions near the lower end of the sheath are heavily contaminated with tungsten vaporized from the anode.

That's 8:00 PM EDT in case it's too small. We'll send out a toot with the exact URL 15 minutes before the AMA starts!

The Finnish Nuclear Society ATS featured us in their magazine ATS Ydintekniikka. They sent us a copy. It's a shame no one on the team understands Finnish :(

"Let There Be Light", a documentary that explores fusion research by focusing on three projects (including ours) will be broadcast on CBC tonight at 10:00PM!

If you know someone who's interested in watching, please send along the information!

Benefits of Focus Fusion

-Cheap, Hydrogen-Boron (pB11) fuel
-pB11- the highest energy density fuel
-Safe, clean
-Direct conversion to electricity
-Small size - fits in a garage
-Decentralized, independent generators

If you can make it to Albany, NY on May 8 please consider joining Food & Water Watch to tell NY state it's time to move to 100% Renewable Energy.

People have asked “what is the connection between astrophysics and LPPFusion’s fusion research?” Our device uses plasma instabilities to form filaments to compress and heat the plasma. This process is found everywhere in the cosmos. A new paper in the leading journal Astronomy and Astrophysics shows that a hierarchy of filaments-within-filaments leads to the formation of stars like our Sun. Hannes Alfven first hypothesized this process in 1972.

LPPFusion Chief Scientist Eric J. Lerner recently published an article in MNRAS--a leading AstronomyJournal--that suggests the Big Bang expansion theory is wrong. Lerner's book "The Big Bang Never Happened" was published decades ago. Cosmology theories affect plasma physics and ultimately our understanding of fusion energy, and our ability to reproduce a star-like power here on Earth. Recently, others have begun to question it as well.

The Canadian documentary Let There Be Light, released in March 2017, featured LPPFusion along with a few more private and government fusion research projects in the world. The documentary follows the story of dedicated scientists building a small sun on Earth. It is now free to watch for Amazon Prime users.

Our little sun in the lab, once functional, will put a stop to air, soil and land pollution by fossil fuels and it will lift the standard of living for everyone in the world to the point where resource wars will become obsolete.

The European patent was just granted! This is in addition to the US, Canadian, Chinese and Australian patents that have been granted!

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Props to @LPPFusion for launching a dedicated instance for their company.

*THIS* is why we have federation.

Silos for interests, silos for your brand, etc

If you want to launch an instance for your brand there *are* Mastodon hosting providers out there. And not expensive ones.


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@LPPFusion @escapist 👍 and welcome!

It's great to see a dedicated instance for a company.

LPPFusion is a company researching the viability of a fusion reaction generator called the dense plasma focus. We've published world record results in leading journals, have collaboration agreements with universities (including UCSD) and in terms of money spent compared to results achieved are the world's best.

We're on Mastodon because our sysadmin, @escapist, is a fan of Free Software.

Let's work towards a decentralized grid for a federated web!

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Seeing about 4x increased sign up and tooting rate across the fediverse for this week

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