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"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. "Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up." - Dr Stephen Hawking

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#Mastodon v2.3.1 is out! 🎉

- Bug fixes
- Button to open all CWs in a thread
- New cute default avatar

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne is offering a plasma physics MOOC on edX. Please consider taking it if you'd like some introductory information.

Even though ITER's approach to is the world's best funded it is by no means the most advanced. Tim Lash explains why in this short article for the Focus Fusion Society.

Last night Jose chatted with Woodward who was one of the first reporters to write about Nixon's Watergate decades ago. Woodward is now an associate editor for the Washington Post. He was impressed with our research. We hope his editors will be too...

In case you missed it, this is an animation created with pictures from different shots of plasma in action. For an explanation of what can be gleaned from them, please read our report.

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It'd be cool if each one of us told our story about #findingmastodon.

I first read about it in issue 30 of the Free Software Bulletin published by @fsf. Then, I rolled out an instance for @LPPFusion which is the company I work for. A little while later I rolled out my own personal instance and you've had to deal with me since.

LPPFusion Report February 2, 2018 is hot off the presses! The news items in this report are:

• Wefunder Equity Crowdfunding Passes Half-Way Point
• Tungsten Experiments Concluding with Major Upgrades
• LPPFusion Publishes World Record Results
• Preparations for Beryllium, Boron Advance
• Publicity for Hydrogen-Boron Fusion

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Fixing the home regeneration bug was easy once it has been identified. Nevertheless it's one of the most important fixes in Mastodon history, I think. I'm anxious to think what negative effects that bug has had on our growth during its lifespan of a year, when people would return to an unwelcoming empty home timeline after 2 weeks absence.

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I'm proud of the 2.2.0 release. I'm glad it's finally out.

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#Mastodon v2.2.0 is out:

✅ Pretty templates for all e-mails
✅ Welcome e-mails
✅ Improved digest e-mails
✅ Fixed home timeline bugs for returning users
✅ Number of follow requests displayed in a badge
✅ And more!

...LPPFusion is not for the pump-and-dumpers or for the vultures, but for the true “angel investors” who are willing to put money in for the prospect of large returns in five years and for a better world. Thanks again to all you angels!

...that replaces fossil fuel, he replied: ”I don’t invest in R and D. I invest in what I consider sure things. If I’m wrong, control allows me to pull the plug when I think I need to, and preferred shares allow me to take whatever assets are left.” This strategy has been called ”vulture capitalism”.


...risks. This popular strategy has been termed “pump and dump”.

The other individual described himself as an angel investor, although perhaps, from his subsequent remarks, he might be more of a “fallen angel” investor. He said that he would always insist on getting control of companies that he invested in, something LPPFusion is not willing to concede. When asked why this was essential, when it might mean passing up an opportunity to invest in the energy source...

...large investors are just not interested in R and D projects that could change the world in five years’ time. Two recent conversations we’ve had with potential large investors who declined illustrate this point. One individual said that the five-year horizon was just too long. His strategy was to invest for 12-24 months, take the company public while still in the research phase and try to sell shares for a quick return to small investors more willing to take...

...experiments with beryllium electrodes. But the full million dollars is needed for us to hire another researcher, and to buy critical long-lead-time items, so that we can accelerate our research.

Thanks to all who have made this possible! Based on the present pace, we hope to wind up the Wefunder campaign in another two months, by mid-March.

Several people have asked us why more large investors have not funded us prior to the crowdfunding. Unfortunately, many...

Thanks to 233 far-sighted investors we have now raised $503,000, over half way to the one million dollars we need to quicken our research for safe, clean, cheap and unlimited energy! This half-way mark was achieved Jan 12, just two months and 3 days into our Wefunder campaign.

This is also well over our minimum goal of $400,000, achieved Dec. 22. So this means we will certainly be getting at least the minimum money our project needs to move on to our critical...

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-And finally, launched our equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder, with a new set of videos, which has already raised almost half of our maximum goal of $1 million

Thanks to all the investors, volunteers and colleagues who made this possible!

So on to 2018, with the completion of our crowdfunding, and the start of experiments with beryllium electrodes and later with hydrogen-boron fuel!

Happy New Year to ALL!

In 2017, LPPFusion:

-Published world-record confined ion energies, equivalent to 2.8 billion degrees C
-Received the beryllium electrodes we need for the next stage of experiments
-Established collaboration with University of California San Diego and two Polish pB11 plasma focus efforts
-Released our own video series “The New Fusion Race”
-Was featured in the new fusion documentary “Let There Be Light”
-Was covered in IEEE Spectrum

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